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The Founder

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Born and raised in the Caribbean, designer D.Dalgé, has established herself in Central Florida and has spent the last 20 years working on building D.Dalgé Couture. With a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and Merchandising and certifications in Haute Couture, Fine Alteration, Tailoring, Costuming, and Pattern Making, D. Dalge not only has the experience to back up her work but the education. 

After teaching at top Fashion Institutes in Central Florida, and offering private couture lessons, D.Dalgé went on to enter the costuming industry. Working alongside major companies in Florida, such as Disney, Universal Studios, major dancing studios, only enticed the drive in D.Dalgé to launch her own brand and store. 

D.Dalgé  quotes that, “When you have a vision and work consciously to create that vision, there is no better reward then that vision becoming a reality; that is how I view my work in this industry”. Inspiration knows no limitation and D.Dalgé exemplifies that by using a variety of sources of inspiration toward her creations. The brand comes all together behind her detail-oriented, strongly passionate mindset which drives her visions, and she is enthused to not only create more, but help her clientele make their visions a reality.

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