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Ddalge Couture

We present to all future clientele, D.Dalgé Couture.

Located in Central Florida, D. Dalgé Couture is a private, custom-made, maison de-couture founded in 2007, that operates under the designer Daphne Dalgé and her team. 

As an organization, the services provided are as followed: Custom-made Designing, Tailoring, Fine Alterations, Pattern Making, Sample making, and more. With our staff and founder having over 20 years of experience work with costuming companies, personal clientele, and large vendors, D.Dalgé Couture is equipped to deliver on the promises made to each individual client with our work production.

At D.Dalgé Couture, we strive to provide quality productions for all individuals and satisfaction to all clientele. With our organization upholding the values of being dependable, passionate, innovative and client focused, we are aligning our mission statement in the work we provide. Within our mission statement of ‘Designing and creating apparel that makes our clientele all about fashion’, we make a promise to our clientele that we will deliver. 

We look to further establish ourselves within the community and strive to create bonds with our clientele that will enable business with D.Dalgé Couture amongst others. Fashion knows no limitation, and here at D.Dalgé Couture, there is no limit for how far we will go for our consumers and their creations. 

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